EASY TO MODERATE Short to medium duration walks, around 4 to 7 hours per day. Most routes are at low altitude and on undemanding terrain. Expect occasional ascents and descents of up to 800 metres per day. You do not need previous experience but should be moderately active and fit. Our Mederate is similar to the Moderate grade used by Exodus and Explore.

6 - 8 hours per day on the mountain at steady pace with plentiful stops along the way to admire the scenery. Most days there will be a refuge to visit and replenish water. Ascents and descents will mostly be between 500 and 800 meters. There will be some climbs and descents of 940 meters. You don't need previous experience but you need to be reasonably fit and walk or partake in sport sometimes back home. The paths will be good but sometimes rocky and with steps. Our Mederate is similar to the Moderate grade used by Exodus and Explore..

Medium to long duration walks, normally around 5 to 8 hours per day. Generally on good paths and at low altitude, but occasionally more challenging terrain and possibly high-altitude trekking. Expect ascents and descents of up to about 1000 metres per day. A good level of fitness is required and we recommend some previous trekking experience. Our Moderate to Strenuous grade is similar to Moderate to Strenuous grade used by Explore and B/C or Moderate / Challenging offered by Exodus.

Long and sometimes challenging walks, normally around 6 to 8 hours per day. You should expect some difficult terrain and some high-altitude trekking. Ascents and descents are demanding, up to about 1000 metres per day. High levels of fitness and stamina are required and some previous trekking experience is recommended. Our Strenuous grade is similar to Strenuous grade used by Explore and C or Challenging used by Exodus.

Grading - which programme to choose from: It is really important to choose the grade that suites you.
Beginners - You want to try cross-country skiing out. Not sure if you will get hooked on it! We recommend you join the Winter Activity week which places emphasis on learning cross-country skiing. That way you can enjoy an all round winter experience while learning the basics of cross-country classic skiing. You'll also have an oportunity to try crorss-country skate. However if you are sufficiently fit and have already learnt down hill skiing and want to "really go for it!" then you could sign up for the "crosscountryskisafari - easier".
Intermediates - You have already taken one or more cross-country ski holidays before and want to take things reasonably easily. Then opt for "crosscountry ski safari - easier". You want to go a faster pace over greater distances with much more varied terrain.... then it's "cross-country ski safari - harder"
Intermediates - experienced = "cross-country ski safari - harder"