"in the Alps" and "on the Spanish Coast" are operated by Snow Safari Ltd.

 has been a tour operator offering holiday packages since 1989.


YOUR STAY will be enhanced by the services of a Certified Tour Manager - Breda University/ International Association of Tour Managers - "IATM" - and imput from an International Mountain Leader "IML".

"We confirm that we are complying with EEC directive 90314EEC on package holidays. The Snow Safari Trust Fund was set up by us and this ensures that all payments made by consumers to the Trust are protected. In the event of insolvency or bankruptcy of Snow Safari Ltd, all money that had been paid into the fund will be refunded".

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: We don't need  “ATOL” because we don’t include flights on our holidays.  Flights are not included because the airports used in our programmes are very well serviced by  low cost and international airlines.   When flying into Geneva, Girona and Barcelona airports it is virtually always a cheaper holiday when the flights are booked directly by the holiday participants .  Also it is our repeated experience that  should there be airport  or  weather  difficulties, flight cancellations etc,   guests who booked their flights themselves have greater success  dealing directly with the airlines  rather than having to attempt to obtain help for included flights through a third party company help line.   When booking a holiday with us you have the reassurance that we are actually “based”   in our travel destinations ready to provide help such as arranging free or cheap alternative airport transfers in case of flight difficulties.

GROUP SIZES:  Our policy of small groups  of maximum eight people ensures greater safety for our guests and a much more enjoyable and authentic mountain experience. 

Snow Safari is run by Oliver and Elaine Ensor.  Both are lifetime travel professionals holding  “CTM” (Certified Tour Manager) diplomas from Breda University.  Elaine has also  a university diploma in “Languages for Business” and has guided tour groups extensively throughout Europe.  Oliver’s qualifications include: IML (International Mountain Leader) “Bergwanderfuehrer” (Austrian Mountain Leader )  “ISIA” (International Ski Instructors Association) stamps obtained in three separate countries (UK, USA and Austria)  “BASI (British Ski Instructor Association) Ski Teacher  BASI Level 2 Nordic Ski Instructor” and “BASI level 2 Mountain Safety.  He is also an International Nordic Walking Instructor - "INWI”   He has led groups extensively throughout  Europe and China and also in a number of other Far Eastern destinations.